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    David E. Purinton, President

    Through the years, David has been a frequent presenter for organizations such as the American Car Rental Association (ACRA), the Car Rental Show, state and regional CATRALA groups, different franchisee groups, and various corporate entities with car rental operations. He speaks on topics that are important and timely for the industry as well as topics aimed at streamlining individual location operations and implementing best practices to ensure maximum damage recovery. Some of Mr. Purinton's presentations are

    The Before and After Measure of Damages: Getting Out of Your Heavy Hits

    The Law and Your Damage Recovery

    Training and Motivating Employees

    Innovative Operating Procedures

    Eliminate "Ghost" Damages: Employee and Customer Training

    Supercharging Your Government Relations: A Grassroots Guidebook (with Glenn Way)

    Make a Difference in Your State: Implementing Legislation Changes

    A Comprehensive Look at Loss of Use

    Enabling Superior Customer Service

    Mastering Loss Prevention

    Recouping Hidden Losses in Damage Recovery

    Eliminating Unrecoverable Vehicle Damage: New Strategies for an Old Problem

    Shayne L. Ashton, Vice President / Director of Claims:

    Shayne has provided Agent Seminar training at rental locations across the country. He has also on occasion spoken on loss of use issues at national industry conventions.

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