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    David E. Purinton, President:

    David Purinton has over 25 years' experience in the auto rental industry. His experience includes regional management for two national car rental companies, on-site computer software training for the auto rental industry, and independent risk management consulting. His articles on risk management have appeared in industry journals, and he is a frequent presenter at industry conventions. In 1993, David and wife Jeanne founded PurCo Fleet Services and dedicated themselves to making the vehicle rental industry more productive, profitable, and attractive to customers. Since its inception, PurCo has become the nation's largest independent vehicle rental claims management company. The company's phenomenal success is a direct result of Mr. Purinton's combined business acumen and extensive knowledge of and experience in the rental car industry. A skilled claims negotiator himself, his hands-on management style is instrumental in producing some of the best claims specialists in the auto rental claims arena.

    Shayne L. Ashton, Vice President / Director of Claims:

    Shayne's association with PurCo Fleet Services, Inc., dates back to its inception. Prior to joining the PurCo team, Shayne worked for six years as vice president of a major car rental franchise based in Salt Lake City. It was while working in this capacity that he first became acquainted with PurCo Fleet Services. When he heard about the company's organization, he was eager to use its services. He became PurCo's first client, and through his contact with the company recognized what a valuable service they provide to the car rental industry. He came to work for PurCo in 1996 and soon became a major asset to the company. Since then his skill and experience in handling claims has set the standard for the company. He combines his experience in management with his experience and expertise in claims handling to lead PurCo's staff of claims specialists to success and excellence in serving our clients.

    Dave Johnson, Executive Vice President:

    Prior to coming to PurCo Fleet Services, Inc., Dave worked as an Assistant Vice President, Customer Service and Operations Manager for Bank of America. He has over 20 years of management experience in consumer banking and has managed offices with deposits up to $70 million. He brings extensive experience in customer relations and office management to PurCo's management team. Dave was PurCo's first banker in California. When he subsequently moved to Utah, he came to work for PurCo as a claims specialist. His experience in claims combined with his financial expertise enables him to excel as a key member of PurCo's leadership.

    Jamie Dulany, Manager:

    Jamie has worked as a claims specialist for PurCo since 1999. His knowledge, experience, and focus have made him consistently one of PurCo's best producers. He now applies those skills to training and leading others in the company. As a result, we are experiencing new heights in overall productivity.

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